Activities in and around our area:

Our natural swimming lake is about 200 m² big and is a 95% selfsustainable chemical free swimming opportunity. Due to a seperate regeneration and swimming area, the little lake is capable of cleaning itself naturally without much interaction. The deepest point of the pond is about 1.8 meters and it can be entered over several convenient entrance points. To prevent curious looks a natural fence, a garden-house and a natural hill-group including a little spring suround the lake.
Our Sauna for up to 6 people offers both the typical finish-sauna types (high temperature and medium/low humidity) as well as different types of the softer steam sauna (high humidity at medium temperature). Additionally, guests can enjoy a light-therapy (differenty patterns of light are emersed into the sauna room for body stimulation and relaxation) and listen to relaxing music.



The Pesenbach-Valley Natural Resort is situated about 1.5 kilometers from our house and can be conveniently reached by a walk, bike-ride or car drive. The valley leads along the Pesenbach (little creek/river) towards the famous Kerzenstein (natural about 15 meters high candle of rocks). Due to the excellent communual care taking of the paths through the valley the trip is also recommendable for seniors and guests with young children. 

For those getting hungry, there is the possibility to stop at one of the local resting stations (e.g. Schlagerwirt or Fürstberger) which provide guests with typical refreshers, snacks and meals. 

On the way back you can enjoy a bath in the natural creek open-air pool in Bad Mühllacken at the entrance of the park. Afterwards, we recommend to enjoy the pleasurable pasteries and sweets of Café Rechberger with.


About 20 kilometers from Feldkirchen you find the region's capital, Linz, which offers a variety of cultural and commercial entertainment opportunities. Besides visiting art-galeries, classical concerts, theater performances you can also enjoy and participate the yearly Pflasterspectacle (street-artists convert the city into one open-air entertainment show). Also, the city annualy (in August) hosts the Bruckner-Fest (the biggest classical open-air concert in the world). Linz is also famous for its museum of the future (Ars Electronica Center) which is filled with possible future state of the art technology (including one of three world-wide open real-space virtual rooms). 


About 2.5 kilometers from our house you will find 4 big swimming lakes which are open of public without charge (only a small fee for parking is required if you come by car). Besides swimming you can also water-ski (see below) or just relax on spacious green-areas around the lakes. Just next to the lakes you will also find the 18+9 holes golf course (newly opened after complete renovation in summer 2003).
At one of the public swimming lakes you will find a water-ski installation (an automatic machine pulls you on the lake). Please ask us for a free coupon to test the installation!



Only a couple of hundred meters away from our house you have the chance to learn and enjoy horse-riding in real! Extended horse rides in the area are also possible!
For those who like biking the Donauradwanderweg (bike trek along the danube river) is the number 1 choice! If you can't bring your own bikes don't hesitate to ask us for rental bikes! 


The near Golfclub Feldkirchen/Donau (Golfclub - Feldkirchen) offers the possibility to learn Golf in a couple of days from professional Pros! After the course' reopening in summer 2003, golfers have the possibilty to play a full 18+9 course. As the course is situated right next to the public swimming lakes, a refreshing jump into the wet is recommended! Alternatively, you can also enjoy one of the local, rustical restaurants/bars or have a dinner at the club-house' own restaurant.